Go Hillsborough

For the past year Connect Tampa Bay has had hundreds of conversations across Hillsborough County & hundreds of survey responses on how we can make sure Hillsborough moves forward to connect with Greenlight Pinellas and Polk's My Ride plan.

Go Hillsborough is a proposal developed thanks to your input. Download it now and take a look for yourself. Take some time and look it over then give us your thoughts on how it can be better or send in your questions. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

This proposal is based on your survey responses, based on hundreds of conversations, input from communities and leaders across Tampa Bay.

You were clear about your values: economic opportunity, freedom & choice, fiscal responsibility, and serious public engagement. Instead of focusing on maps or trying to redo the great work done over the years to plan our system we took those values and developed a way to make our transportation budget reflect them.

That is what you have told us over the past year – we just did the research and the math to come up with this proposal from your ideas and responses. Download it and give us your feedback. 

You came up with an exciting way to look at things through these values. It includes fixing and improving our roads & buses. It dedicates half the funding to new options like ferries, gold standard Bus Rapid Transit, and Rail Transit. We suggest dedicating largest amount of money of any metro in the Southeast towards safe walking & biking – to take us from worst to first in a decade. We want regulatory reform and innovation. 

Both Pinellas and Polk counties are looking to create new connections to Hillsborough County and this is the a new conversation about how we can’t wait to make sure all of Tampa Bay moves forward together. That is why this proposal is so important to us: it is a way for us to talk about making those connections work, a way to make sure the investment in our main corridors and destinations

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